Thursday, April 10, 2014

I cannot craft. Sometimes I don't have to.

I get most of my good ideas from Pinterest.  This is not a confession; this is just a sad fact.
95% of the time, if they're about pretty-fying or decorating, I give up and go buy something similar.  Usually at Hobby Lobby.
Hobby Lobby is how the Craft Impaired,  such as me, make their homes look all cozy and cute. {If you don't like Hobby Lobby because they conflict with your politics,  I am sad for you. You cannot get this stuff other places.}
Anyway, I needed a place to put jewelry that wasn't in my sock drawer. So I found cute ideas on how to make them.  Ug. They all involved a hammer or a glue gun or something.  So I went to Hobby Lobby, conceding this was going to be a time I'd have to DIM. (Do it myself! Like a toddler, with crying, I promise.)
After bypassing the jewelry stand thingies,  since they would be too obvious and I might have to fight my 8 year old to keep it, I meandered toward the metal wall decor.
And that's when I saw this:

I knew right then I wouldn't have to craft that night. I left my beloved Hobby Lobby, even more grateful than I was before, because a potentially embarrassing burden had been lifted.

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